Blue Print Labelling opts for CoolUV LED curing

Keeping up with the latest printing technology, Durban’s Blue Print Labelling has invested in a CoolUV Technology LED curing system, writes Gill Loubser.

IT was just over a year ago that we heralded Blue Print Labelling’s investment in an Etirama Superprint flexographic press (PPM April 2018). Now the go-ahead owners of this venture – brothers Devlin and Wade Brodowicz – have made another impressive investment, this time retrofitting a CoolUV LED curing system to the one-year-old press.
To say they’re thrilled with the success of this investment in UV LED curing technology would be the understatement of the year! The brothers praise many aspects of the system’s outstanding performance and particularly highlight the support they’ve enjoyed from Wayne van Zyl and Ian Howroyd, partners in Litho Sales & Label, local representatives of China’s CoolUV Technology (see PPM June 2019). The plaudits come thick and fast: ‘We enjoyed an excellent deal from Wayne and Ian, and they gave usan unlimited guarantee,’ says Devlin. ‘The technician from China took only one day to install the system,’ adds Wade. ‘The system is super user-friendly and we haven’t experienced any teething troubles … it’s almost too good to be true,’ Devlin enthuses. Other much-appreciated aspects of the CoolUV system’s performance include the exceptionally long life of the LED lamps, significant energy savings, and environmental benefits, particularly the low VOC levels and quiet operation. Also important in Devlin’s view is a total lack of warming up time, as the system features an instantaneous ‘on’ switch – particularly critical in the face of South Africa’s frequent power outages. ‘CoolUV also offers exceptional temperature control
– with only one degree variance from start to finish – and its efficient heat dissipation greatly enhances efficiency and reliability,’ Wade notes. Asked how they arrived at their choice of the CoolUV technology, the brothers explain that they first looked
at some ‘big name’ systems but after diligent detective work and input from Labeltech’s Johan Coetze (supplier of the Etirama flexo press)