COOLUV products, unlike the general UV LED products on the market, have great advantages.

Modular design
COOLUV can easily be integrated into any length of curing lamp.

This can also produce various radiation intensity according to needs.

Replacement cost is lower, and only the module needs to be replaced.

Simulation aging test
Each COOLUV product is subjected to thermal, optical, and hydrodynamic quality tests before shipping.

Digital circuit driver
The self-developed digital circuit driver has the function of “shifting speed regulation”.

Which can be adjusted for various ink conditions;

  • It has a temperature control alarm function for high-power UV;
  • It provides customers with standardised electrical interface for fast integration.

Vertical chip
COOLUV uses a unique vertical chip of metal/silicon substrate.

Which has better heat conduction than sapphire substrate, large light-emitting area and low voltage.

Which can prolong product life and enhance lighting effect.

Optical design
The core optical design scheme can effectively increase the peak intensity of the spectrum to 120-200% of the 365 nm band of the mercury lamp, or even more.

In the band above 380 nm, the peak intensity can be up to 5 times that of the 365 nm band of the mercury lamp.

At the same time, the light output can be effectively formed into a uniform continuous spot strip.

Super heat solution
COOLUV can be have exceptional temperature control.

Efficient heat dissipation and temperature control can greatly improve light efficiency and chip life, and improve product reliability.

COB packaging process
Compared with most domestic lamp-package array solutions. COOL UV adopts the world’s leading chip on board (COB) technology.

The chip and the substrate are directly combined to directly transfer heat to the substrate.

Reduced electricity costs
At least 60%, and some industries can reach more than 90% on curing costs.

Less equipment maintenance costs
There are no light sources and components that need to be replaced frequently. Also there is almost no maintenance cost.

Which saves customers the material and labor costs of maintenance.

Higher quality control
The irradiation time and intensity can be precisely controlled. Which makes the customer’s product quality control easier.

Thus improving the overall quality of the product and improving production workflow.

Higher efficiency 
The instantaneous on switch makes COOLUV more efficient per unit time compared with traditional equipment.

Larger range of application
The characteristics of LED cold light source make it possible to use materials that cannot be processed by traditional equipment.

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